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Our firm recognizes that the variety of backgrounds present among small-medium business owners and professionals is as diverse as the operations themselves and that.

One service solution will not fit all business needs.

Also; that each business owner will want or need a different degree of active involvement in the bookkeeping process. It was with the goal of providing a flexible bookkeeping solution that delivers an accurate and CRA compliant set of records that guided the structure of our service offering.

We offer a bookkeeping solution that is designed to cover your small-business needs ranging in scope from a basic self-employed business bookkeeping summary to a custom solution providing full-charge bookkeeping.

Service areas

Monthly Bookkeeping: drop-off and limited pick-up/on site services available  on a fixed or floating schedule.

Payroll services: Bi-weekly and monthly schedules available.

Payroll services: Completion of annual T4 and T4 Summary

Quarterly bookkeeping: Not every business needs their bookkeeping maintained on a monthly basis.

Structure of Service

This structure was designed to assist business owners with only the areas that add cost effective value and allow for owner input and retain oversight on the areas that make sense to keep in-house.

We are flexible in our approach so that we only assume responsibility for the elements where an external solution makes sense.

Special Project Bookkeeping

Special project bookkeeping: Sometimes set up / catch up bookkeeping is needed for a variety of reasons.

Our team will work with those who have fallen behind to produce a set of records to get caught up and on track with regular bookkeeping services.

This often is an involved process with the owner to ensure any assumptions in the process, particularly when proper receipts are no loner available are reasonable.

Services include:

  • Set-up chart of accounts
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • General ledger entries
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card reconciliation
  • Reconcile unbalanced books
  • Catch up and periodic bookkeeping
  • Traditional bookkeeping software: Quickbooks, Simply Accounting (Sage 50)
  • Real estate investment property management bookkeeping
  • Cloud based software: Quickbooks, Wave accounting, Kashoo and freshbooks
  • In office and online bookkeeping
  • Payroll and bill payment
  • Preparation of HST returns
  • Financial Reports: Balance sheet, Income Statement